Wellness Initiative

We are uniquely qualified in working
with members and handling large
numbers of customer interactions,
we are confident that the wellness management outreach opportunity represents new ways to improve
retention of our Client’s
Membership base.

Outside of CCC’s traditional business of servicing the customer interaction needs of healthcare insurers, we have expanded into other specialized segments of the insurance and healthcare industries focusing on Wellness. As the fee-for-service model evolves to a reimbursement based on outcome model (Quality) our Member Outreach Program will offer regular touchpoints that build awareness and loyalty for our clients brand in an ever increasingly competitive market.

We have identified opportunities to expand its service offerings within the Wellness Management Market.  As part of the Accountable Care Act, the government has mandated that participants in the healthcare industry make proactive efforts to engage in preventative initiatives by encouraging healthy living. 

“More than a call, a connection” is not just a motto – it’s the way we do business.
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