CCC will design a program that is unique
to each pharmaceutical company.

We work with our pharmaceutical
company partners to create a matrix
model that drives sales and
detailing interactions through
multi-modal channels.

Global pharmaceuticals companies are recognizing the high cost of maintaining a field base salesforce. Our contact methods include video conferencing, co-browsing and tele-detailing outreach programs minimize marketing cost while respecting the limited time of Health Care Professionals resulting in greater impact at a lower cost.

White spaces, vacant territories and underperforming territories are all prime candidates for the CCC dedicated call center that will penetrate those opportunities and drive results.

Our call center program offers flexible solutions, provides valuable sales interactions, and is able to develop relationships with physicians and their office staff in customized ways.

CCC offers


Revenue generated

Quality Assurance

Customer Satisfaction Levels

Call flow

Service levels

Customer Experience Platform:

Broad suite of solutions to efficiently address key barriers/support along the patient journey from awareness thru advocacy

Services that address patient barriers including cost, initiation, access/coverage, education and forgetfulness while offering ongoing encouragement and inspiration

A “personal,” one-to-one connection with the brand through positive engagement that creates affinity and loyalty to the brand

A trusted source of information for patients and caregivers
Bolstering the pharmaceutical company’s value proposition

“More than a call, a connection” is not just a motto – it’s the way we do business.
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