(Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplemental Insurance, Medicare Part D)

CCC specializes in Sales Campaigns, Membership Enrollments, Retention,
Member & Provider Services. CCC
partners with its Clients to function
seamlessly as an extension of
their sales and customer
service teams.

Corporate Call Center, Inc. has 13 years in selling Medicare Plans to seniors and has extensive knowledge of Medicare Marketing Guidelines.

CCC’s agents are licensed to sell Medicare in all 50 states.

Corporate Call Center has developed a center of excellence in the area of Medicare Advantage, Med Sup, and PDP as we have worked with our Client's Members in this space since we started in 2002. From enrollment to welcome calls, to member and provider services calls, our teams are trained to bring knowledge and empathy to each call. We understand that we represent our client's brand and our job is to protect that brand by ensuring each Member/Provider Engagement is outstanding.

We have our Chief Compliance Officer form relationships with each client’s compliance team to ensure all CMS Regulations are fully disseminated and understood.

Corporate Call Center’s high quality, domestic-based contact center will
offer increased quality and staffing
flexibility, better service metrics, and
customer retention, allowing our
Clients to focus on building a diverse
portfolio of highly competitive
products to the market.


For the next 16 years, the generation known affectionately as ‘baby-boomers’ will be turning 65 at a rate of about 8,000 a day. That’s almost 3,000,000 seniors needing guidance through the Medicare/Medicaid choices each year!

With the influx of 65 and over baby-boomers and the changes the Affordable Health Care act will be implementing, it has never been more important for healthcare providers to make the best impression on the members that they really want to keep.
Whether by phone, email, text or instant message-type chats, these conversations are crucial to customer satisfaction and we can support all of these interactions with your Members.

They're personal and require empathy and a high dose of expertise. We provide correct answers while earning long term loyalty and higher lifetime value for our clients.

“More than a call, a connection” is not just a motto – it’s the way we do business.
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