CCC University

Welcome to CCC University

CCC University is Corporate Call Center’s training platform that offers a wide variety of training programs.  CCC University training programs adhere to adult learning theories and all training provided is reviewed quarterly. CCC University offers:

CCC Orientation Training – Orientation provides new employees and new CCC Community Members the opportunity to learn about the CCC Organization.        

Compliance Training – Enterprise-wide Annual Compliance Training is available for new employees and annual employee completion.

Soft Skills – Soft Skills training allows CCC employees to improve their interpersonal and customer service skills and hone their professional writing techniques.  Effective communication skills training is essential. It is the foundation on which companies and careers are built and a crucial component of lasting success. Whether it’s a face-to-face conversation or a professionally written e-mail exchange, a meaningful message entails establishing a connection that leaves a powerful impression.

Supervisory and Management Skills Training – The goal of CCC University’s Supervisory and Management Skills Training is to develop and refine management and supervisory skills to strengthen current staff members and build the skills of emerging leaders.

Product Training – Business partners entrust Corporate Call Center with the most important part of their business—their clients.  Product Training includes a client overview, brand and product introduction, and client testing. 

“More than a call, a connection” is not just a motto – it’s the way we do business.
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