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A raging fire is powerful. When you’re trying to stop it, there’s no margin for error...

It starts slowly, burns quickly and spreads fast at high temperatures. When it comes to fire, you can either fight it or stop it completely. We prefer the latter. That’s why our high-pressure water-mist fire suppression systems suppress a fire, even at its highest intensity within 10 seconds flat. Don't fight fire. Kill it.

Basically, fire is nothing but a chemical reaction between three things, oxygen, heat and fuel. Our proprietary high-pressured water mist technology is the only product that attacks fire from all three angles.

Here’s how it works:

• Oxygen: Water mist immediately cuts the oxygen.
• Heat: Vapors rapidly cool temperature and prevent reigniting.
• Fuel: Aqueous Film Forming Foam blankets fuel source.


10-SECONDS: BASED ON SCIENCE When activated, small droplets of water turn into 476 gallons of high-pressure mist. The vapor is the “active ingredient” that cuts off the oxygen and stops the fire. The vapors cool the area and prevent reigniting and further damage. A full water-mist cycle is 60 seconds, but can be longer if conditions warrant.


Whereas others use messy powder and potent chemicals, our fire-suppression solution is made of water and is 100% natural and non-toxic. Customers love the environmentally responsible small footprint. It’s easy to install too. CNG systems and accessories are also available.


Developed in Sweden in the mid-1990s, our water mist systems are installed on vehicles of all types throughout the world in mass transit, school buses and industries requiring heavy machinery, such as logging and mining.

5 of the top industries served


Waste Management

Airport Runway equipment


Construction machinery